Best Breastfeeding Accessories

accessories nursing moms need

Breastfeeding has become popular in recent years due to cost savings and the health benefits. Breast milk content is full of nutrition that is tailor made for each mom’s baby. In addition, mom’s first milk, or colostrum, provides added immunity for the first months of life. Experts state that as many as 70 percent of women start breastfeeding when the baby is born, but a large percentage stop over the next few weeks. By sixth months of age, approximately 35 percent of mothers are still nursing their babies. Breast feeding should be enjoyable for both mothers and their children and with a few breastfeeding accessories, nursing a child has never been easier.

Breastfeeding Pillows
Boppy is a name now used widely to mean the same thing as breastfeeding pillow. However, it is a trademark name of a pillow brand. Nursing should be a comfortable process so babies can be relaxed and receive the proper nutrition through breastfeeding. Countless moms can attest to the fact that in olden days, breastfeeding comfortably was difficult. Moms often relied on bed pillows and couch cushions to support a baby and to bring them close enough to the breast for nursing. So babies receive enough breastmilk for proper nutrition, it is important for mom and baby to both be relaxed during breastfeeding. The new nursing pillows are made with a cut out front that fits snugly around a mom’s waist and under her breasts, to ensure that baby and mom are relaxed while the baby receives the best of what breastmilk content has to offer. The breastfeeding pillows provide the added support needed to actually enjoy nursing without arms hurting from supporting a baby. They also serve as a great sitting prop for a baby learning to sit independently.

Nursing Covers or Aprons
Gone are the days of trying to nurse in public while smothering a baby with a receiving blanket. From birth to weening, babies receive the proper vitamins and nutrient from mom’s breast milk content. In years past, it was often difficult to nurse in public, as it was not an accepted practice for a public place. Although many people now accept it a common practice, in years past, people weren’t as receptive to nursing in public. Nursing covers or aprons provide the perfect option for nursing rather than using blankets. These aprons have plenty of room for baby, without depriving her of oxygen or making her claustrophobic. In addition, mom can discreetly check on her nursing child and simply pack the cover away in the diaper bag for the next feeding.

Breastfeeding Shirts and Bras
In olden days, breastfeeding bras were easier to find than breast feeding shirts. Most of the older styles made a mom look like she was wearing her great grandmother’s clothing. In other words, they were ancient and ugly. The bras were often uncomfortable and ill fitting. Not to mention that both were often expensive and difficult to find. With more moms nursing, both have become easier to purchase and more economical. Breastfeeding shirts run the gamut from suit dress shirts to t-shirts for an athletic mom. Bras also come in a variety of styles, making breastfeeding easier and providing better comfort. Breastfeeding shirts and bras can be purchased at most big box retailers, online or at a specialty store with a variety of colors and styles and functions (even pumping bras).

Breastfeeding is the best option and provides perfect tailor made nutrition through mom’s breast milk content. From the first milk, or colostrum to weening, babies receive better nutrition from breastfeeding. It is great to know that there are an abundance of breastfeeding aids for nursing mothers. Each mom will need to figure out which best suits her and her infant’s needs. As breastfeeding rates increase over the next few years, these products will be in even more demand for nursing mothers.

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