Best Breastfeeding Positions

Breast feeding provides many benefits for baby and mom. However, if many moms have a difficult time nursing because they can not find the right nursing position. An improper breastfeeding position results in a baby that not latched correctly and isn’t getting enough milk and that’s make frustrating for mother. While nutrition is the major benefit of breastfeeding, moms who nurse also look forward to the bonding time, and when mom and baby are stressed due to a poor nursing position, bonding just doesn’t occur as it should. Here are some of the best breastfeeding positions and how to do them in order to avoid breastfeeding problems due to poor position.

Best Breastfeeding Positions

Cross Cradle

During the first few days of life, the Cross Cradle breastfeeding position is the most comfortable and the easiest. This position allows for the mom to maneuver and change the baby’s head position so the baby can latch on effectively. During the first few days, newborn often need help in positioning their head for maximum latch on. Mom can use the Cross Cradle to also hold the baby’s head in position throughout nursing. In order to perform this breastfeeding positions, place the baby at the breast, and use the arm on the opposite side to cradle the baby. This leaves the hand closes to the baby for placement of the baby’s head.


The Cradle hold is excellent to use if the mom’s breast is large and she needs to maneuver it for baby’s comfort, or if baby can’t latch on. Mom has one free hand, in this position to make sure the baby is latched onto the breast, as she has a free hand. It also is helpful to have a free hanto push the breast away from the baby’s nose, so they can breath. This breastfeeding positions if performed by using the arm closes to the breast being used, to hold the baby. This leaves the opposite hand free for breast maneuvering.

Side Lying

The Side Lying position is useful for a couple of reasons. Moms who have had a C-section often find this comfortable, as any pressure on the stomach from holding the baby is uncomfortable until healing is complete. This position is also great for moms who prefer to night nurse in bed. Many couples who co-sleep opt for side lying nursing, as the baby is already in bed. Mom simply moves to her side and places baby beside her breast. With this position, mom is on either side. The baby has to be positioned so it is at the same level as the breast. This sometimes means a pillow or hand must be used to move baby’s head higher to the breast level. Mom can also opt to hold the breast downwards or lean towards the bed so her breast is even with the baby’s mouth. offers tips and information about these positions and others and gives instructions on how to do each. When trying different positions, remember that not all positions are right for everyone or every situation. Finding the right breastfeeding position makes breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable for both mom and baby, plus prevents possible breastfeeding problems.


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