Is Breastfeeding During Pregnancy Safe?

pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant and breast feeding your baby, you might be wondering if you can continue with it throughout the pregnancy and beyond? The answer is, yes you can continue breastfeeding your baby even when you are pregnant again. You must have heard about weaning or perhaps from mothers who are breastfeeding. But the most important thing in case of your second pregnancy or later pregnancy is you know all about it and you feel confident. Even though you might feel breastfeeding during pregnancy is not an easy task, it isn’t difficult either. All that you need is a little bit of time and patience to keep things in your control. Above all these, once you are ready to breastfeed your baby while you are pregnant, you can continue with it without any trouble.

Things might not seem all good at the first glance because pregnancy is in itself a difficult part in a women’s life. Along with that the toll which the milk production in the body takes on makes thing arduous. Along with this the nipple sensitivity and nursing hungry baby can make the situation painful for any mother. The best part is there is a solution for all these issues. The first is keep a watch on the reduction in milk supply while breastfeeding during pregnancy. Just keep an eye on the baby’s weight and the amount of milk your body is producing. Also, see to it that your baby is getting enough of it. The good thing is keeping up your milk supply is not difficult as long as you are getting enough calories. You need to remember you are eating for three now and so you should aim at 300 to 800 calories.
Another thing that might be bothering you is whether it is safe to breastfeed during pregnancy. In case of normal pregnancy with no history of miscarriage in the first 20 weeks or last 20 weeks, it is absolutely safe to breastfeed your baby. In case of miscarriage, it is unlikely because of breastfeeding. In simple words, breastfeeding has no records of being threatening during pregnancy. You might also hear something like breastfeeding is taking away all the goodness from your unborn child. The truth is your unborn baby is the first to receive all the nutrients it needs and might be healthier than ever.

Most pregnant women worry that the new born will be deprived of colostrum. Some women even restrict breastfeeding of their baby to one side during pregnancy. But it is seen that colustrum is automatically produced without the need to do anything. The body starts making it during pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby will never affect it whatsoever. Even the taste of colostrum can initiate weaning, since it tastes saltier. In order to have a healthy pregnancy and to be able to continue breastfeeding at the same time, it is good to follow a nutritious diet. Since the body gets all the required vitamins and minerals there is no need to worry about it while breastfeeding.

To make yourself comfortable while breastfeeding during the pregnancy period, you need to be careful about your position and attachment. Even if you experience mild pain, it is absolutely safe to continue breastfeeding.

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