Breastfeeding Working Mother

It has been trending scenario when breastfeeding continues even the mother is back to work. With the help of pumping gadgets and its accessories, the breastfeeding journey continue successfully with the determination of the mother itself. Breastfeeding working mother is not that difficult if you plan and prepare all the needs for the milk expressing and also for the storage. Here are the checklist for new working mother who wants to adhere to breastfeeding while they are at work.

Cooler bag
Cooler bag is to keep the EBM fresh and safe during working hours. It known as ‘temporary refrigerator’. They have it in various type of cooler bag and you can choose it according to your working environment or condition. It’s usually insulated to preserve the temperature of the EBM and can stay longer at least 5 to 7 hours depending the type of ice pack used. The EBM needs to transfer to refrigerator after back to home.


Ice pack
Ice pack  is used to preserve the temperature inside the cooler bag. Ice pack needs to freeze in freezer for at least 5 to 7 hours before using it. Choosing the best ice pack is needed to avoid leaking and the duration of the coldness stay more longer. To choose a better ice pack can be done with surveying in the market with the reviews and testimonials.


Breast Pump
Breast pump is the main accessories for a breastfeeding working mother to express the breast milk during working hours. It can be manual type, battery type or electric type depending on the individual. Choosing double pump is advisable to save half time of pumping and will not disturb the working time that much.


Storage bottle or Storage Bag
Storage bottle or storage bag (BPA free) is needed to store the EBM with high preservation and to avoid contamination. Each storage needed to be labeled according date and amount for better handling for storage later on.


It is highly reminded that pumping schedule is very important for breastfeeding working mother to maintain the milk supply. Prepare a quick schedule according to your work condition. Breast needed to drained out every 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, for a 8 hours working there will be a minimum two times of pumping every day. If you using double pump, you just need to spend about 10-15 minutes per session. Single pump usually need minimum 20 minutes to 30 minutes each session. Be smart in choosing your breast pump according to your budget and working environment!


To abide by the working ethic, breastfeeding working mother can seek permission from boss or management for pumping excuse during working hours. If the management is too strict on the working time, then the pumping process can be done during lunch hour, before or after work. Just plan your time wisely and create a wonderful breastfeeding journey until your baby is weaning off.

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