Finding the right nursing bra could be as easy as this!

Nursing bras are meant for nursing mothers. They are designed specifically to accommodate the size of their breasts which are often larger in size. Their design constitutes of specific lines that allow pad insertions. Pad insertions are responsible for preventing nipple irritation. They boost the comfort of breastfeeding between the mother and the baby. So, what are the factors you need to consider when purchasing the rightful nursing bra?


The size of the bra

It is the most important factor you need to consider when choosing a nursing bra. The bra size required during nursing is completely different from that worn during pregnancy. The cup and band size will definitely be larger due to weight gain.

To determine the right size of your nursing bra, it is advisable to take the measurements of your body beneath the breasts. Add 4 to the measurement you get if it is even and 5 if odd. The overall measurement represents your band size.

Measure the region of the body beneath the arms and slightly over the breasts. Record the measurement and measure the region around the fullest part of your breasts. Subtract the recorded measurement from the new measurement. The difference between the two measurements determines the size of bra suitable for you. The difference and their corresponding sizes are as listed below.

· Less than 1 = A

· 2”= B

· 3”= C

· 4” = D

· 5” = DD or E

· 6” = DDD, EE or F.


The desired comfort

Having the best nursing bra will make breastfeeding comfortable and enjoyable. You will definitely be assured of a happy and healthy nursing experience. Breastfeeding is an inexpensive, healthy and natural way to give your baby the best nutrition possible.


A nursing bra should be supportive with extra room for pads which helps the mother in the early nursing stages. They should stretch to fit multiple sizes so as to maximize the ability of the cup to accommodate the breasts.



Nursing bras are available in different styles. Popular styles include:

· Clip nursing bra

· Pull down nursing bra

· Cup nursing bra

· Snap nursing bra


Each style is unique and fits differently among different people. Before choosing your desirable style, it is advisable to ensure the nursing bra is comfortable. The right style will also help you maintain your beauty and elegance. Do not forget the fact that you will have a boost in your self-esteem.


Capability to provide support during exercise
There are several nursing bras designed for sporting activities. They provide your breasts with the necessary support you need whenever you hit the gym. The best sporting bras need to have secure snaps to ensure you have the necessary comfort you need when lifting weights or when running on the treadmill. It should also be capable of supporting the flows and ebbs of your breasts effectively. Bravado is one of the popular nursing bras used during sporting activities.

Finding the right nursing bra is a precursor to having a quality and comfortable life. You will enjoy reclaiming your body and embark on the joys of being a mother.

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