How to store expressed breast milk (EBM)

Breast milk can be expressed out via pumping or hand expression technique as we discussed earlier. Thus, we need to know the right way to keep the breast milk to avoid contamination and to preserve the quality of the milk itself.

Storage bag / bottle

The breast milk can be stored using storage bottle or storage bag. It is very common items that you can find at any baby shop or store. It is recommended to have BPA material to preserve the quality of breast milk. Choose the right bottle or bag according to the amount of milk you have. Usually they have in 5 oz or 12 oz of storage bag/ bottle. The storage bottle ( BPA free) can used back until 6 months life time. Unlike with the storage bag, it can be used only once.

Clean environment

Make sure your hand is clean before transferring the milk to the storage bag or bottle. Avoid transferring the breast milk in dusty or windy area. Do it in very clean and hygienic environment.


You need to sterilize the bottle in 100 degree before using it. This is to eliminate the germs and bacteria inside. For storage bag, we don’t need to sterilize because it come with sterilized feature.


The milk need to transfer very careful to the storage bag or bottle. Do not fill up the storage bag/ bottle up to maximum level because the EBM will expand once we freeze it. Make sure don’t shake the breast milk because it can eliminate the protein in the milk.


This is very important in storing breast milk. Labeling is to indicate the life time of the breast milk. You can prepare label in any method you want as long as the label remained good even after months in the freezer. The details that you need to put in are name of your baby ( to avoid confusion between other babies milk in nursery ), date and amount of the milk.

Store in refrigerator

After labeling, the EBM can be stored in refrigerator.

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