Increasing Breast Milk Production Using Power Pumping

There will be a moment when your breast milk is reduced or it might be your baby drinks more than usual. Don’t panic during this time. The only thing you can do is increase your demand towards high production of milk. Some rumors telling that eating milk booster can bring up the milk level. Yes, sometimes but not all the time. Remember, milk booster is different for different people. The only milk booster which suits every mother is frequent of pumping.

Power pumping is means simulation to making more milk. The pumping method is a signal to simulate brain to supply more milk from usual. Power pumping doesn’t work in one or two days. It took few weeks and might be months depending on individual. The method is very simple. You just need an extra effort for your loved one!

Method of power pumping ( using single pump)

  1.  Sterile the pump as usual
  2. Begin to pump your right breast for 10 minutes.
  3. After that, continue pumping for 10 minutes for your left breast.
  4. Keep repeating the method 2-3 until 1 hour.
  5. Take note that you need to continue pumping even there is no milk produced. Remember, this method is only for simulation.
  6. 3 times right breast, 3 times left breast

Method of power pumping ( using double pump)

  1. Sterile the pump as usual
  2. Begin to pump your both breasts for 10 minutes
  3. After that, rest for 10 minutes ( you can do anything else between the time)
  4. Repeat the method in number 2 and 3 until complete 1 hour.
  5. You will pump for 3 times and rest for 3 times.

The power pumping can be done anytime or anywhere. The most advisable time to do power pumping is during the middle of the night because of the high hormones produced during the time. Keep doing your power pumping as regular as you can, be patient, avoid stress and you will see a magic will happen to your milk production.

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