Menstruation Cycle While Breastfeeding

Some mothers are wondering why their menstruation cycle while breastfeeding becomes irregular once they delivered baby and continue breastfeeding. No worries. It’s absolutely normal to have irregular menstruation cycle while breastfeeding.  Some has not met their menstruation for the whole journey of breastfeeding! Some did have menstruation but irregular cycle and some has perfect cycle of menstruation. Its all about your body hormone reaction.

Some mothers will face the decrease of milk supply during or before menstruation. It is because the hormone fluctuations. If your period is regular, then you can predict the date and relate with your milk supply decrease during that time. But for those have irregular period or menses, they have no ability to track. The hormone is yet to stable during breastfeeding.
Let’s talk about my journey of breastfeeding my daughter. I have a regular period since before I got married. It was perfect and I was able to track my ovulation period without any problems. After I gave birth, my period cycle also get back to normal phase just after my confinement period ends.  That was my advantages because I can track my ovulation period too.  I recorded my period cycle and whenever I face the decrease of milk supply, I have no reason to worry because the aunt flow is about to come.

Usually, during first six months of breast feeding, we can use breast feeding as method of family planning. Exclusively breastfeeding can prevent 98% of pregnancy strictly adhere to these conditions:

a)      Menstrual period is not yet returned after birth

b)      Your  baby is less than six months

c)       Exclusively breastfeeding without adding formula milk

d)      Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours in a day

e)      Baby has not start to eat solid food yet

f)       More nursing during night time

During menstruation cycle while breastfeeding, you might see the difference of amount of milk supply due to loss of calcium during menstrual.  My tips are, I always take calcium supplements or drink more milk or consume calcium based food few days before the menstrual period. The milk supply will rise back after two or three days after the heavy flow. Besides that, supplement and galactogogue  to boost up your milk supply.

Keep on breastfeeding without thinking much of the  reduced milk supply because this is only for temporary as long as you keep breastfeeding or pumping regularly, drink more water and avoid stress. No more worries about menstruation cycle while breasfeeding problems.

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