Pregnancy Early Symptoms

It is important to know as early as possible if you are pregnant. Pregnancy early symptoms help s woman know,even before her first at home pregnancy test. They are very helpful if the test shows negative, which they sometimes will in the first week or so after becoming pregnant. What are the signs and symptoms a woman should look for that tell her to take extra special care of her body and the little one developing?

Tender Breasts

One of the first warning signs that a woman is pregnant is sore or tender breasts. Many women complain within a couple of weeks of becoming pregnant that their breasts are tender to the touch. This is due to the increased hormones that are kicking in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The extra progesterone, that get starts the pregnancy, is the reason for sore breasts. As the weeks advance, the soreness will go away. In the meantime, simply wear a supportive bra and let your significant other know they are sore so he can be extra careful.


Many women complain about nausea, long before they even know they are pregnant. Not all women will experience this pregnancy symptom and those that do will have varying difficulty and length of nausea. Some women only experience the symptom for a few weeks, some for the first few months and few unfortunate women experience nausea for the entire pregnancy. It is a fallacy that baby boys or vice-versa, girls cause more morning sickness. There is no research to show that one baby gender causes more nausea than the other. However, mothers who have experienced it with one baby, will probably have nausea with subsequent pregnancies. Also, moms who are having multiples often report more morning sickness. Laying down often helps the sickness, as does small amount of bland foods, such as crackers.


Being tired is often one of the first early symptoms of pregnancy. After all, the body is busy making the beginning of a new human life, so hormones are kicking, creating tiredness in mom. The culprit again is extra progesterone. Another cause of tiredness is the increase in blood supply, that is using extra oxygen and iron cells. Sometimes, fatigue is related to another problem, such as low blood sugar or low blood pressure and is not directly related to the pregnancy. It is a good idea to check with a doctor to ensure nothing else is causing the fatigue. A few extra cap naps and taking it easy for the first few weeks, may be all that is needed to combat early pregnancy fatigue.

Pregnancy early symptoms signs are important to know. First a woman knows early if she is pregnant. Also, she can make plans for the future baby as early as possible. In addition, she can give up any habits she might have that would harm the baby, such as smoking or drinking. Plus many women just want to know as soon as possible out of excitement. These aren’t the only pregnancy early symptoms. Remember that each pregnancy is different!

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