Sex During Pregnancy

Ask most pregnant women and they will say that the words sex and pregnancy in the same sentence just don’t go together. As a women gains weight and gets more uncomfortable, sex is often the furthest thing from her mind. However, with a few accommodations, tips and empathy on the part of the husband, sex during pregnancy can be a possibility.


Accommodations and Aids
As a pregnancy progresses, many couples claim that finding a comfortable position during sex is difficult. Mom’s expanding tummy often gets in the way. Many couples find that using pillows help to create a more comfortable position, plus mom is more comfortable as well. There are even special made pillows for mom’s tummy during sleep, that can be used during sex to move mom’s tummy and make sex more enjoyable for both partners.


Be Creative
If regular sex becomes more difficult as the pregnancy goes on, be creative. Who says sex has to occur in a bedroom? Many couples have found that sex in the shower standing up makes sex more comfortable and avoids awkward positions because of Mom’s expanding stomach. If a couple finds that sex is not possible towards the end of the pregnancy, one suggestion is to find other ways to be more intimate with each other. There will be plenty of time to have sex after the baby gets here and lots of time while baby sleeps to rekindle the old flame!


Make sex sexy
Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy. There are brands that make beautiful undergarments from pregnant moms. Look for sexy maternity lingerie and bras that will add some spice to the bedroom during your pregnancy.


As mom enters her last trimester, having sex in the missionary position becomes almost impossible. One tip is to try having sex with mom on her side and dad behind mom. Couple also find that having sex with mom on her knees also takes care of moms belly hindering sex. Most OB/Gyns are happy to discuss sex during pregnancy and can give even more suggestions about comfortable positions during pregnancy. There are also various websites that give ideas of different positions. And as a last resort, simply ask friends who have recently been through a pregnancy. They will love to give lots of tips and pointers about sex during pregnancy!


Are There Any Risks?
Generally, there are no risks of sex during pregnancy. If couple have any concerns, they should first check with their Ob/Gyn or specialty doctor to discuss any concerns. If a woman has had early previous miscarriage, she also might want to contact her doctor to discuss if there is any danger or risk to the pregnancy. Usually, there is no connection between miscarriages and having sex during pregnancy. Miscarriage area a result of a problem with the fetus itself, the uterus or a lack of hormones. If a pregnancy is high risk, sex can sometimes be a possibility, depending on the situation. Each pregnancy and women is different so check with the doctor first. Some people encourage having sex during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, stating that sex may trigger labor. There is no scientific evidence to this, but some say it doesn’t hurt to try!

Sex during pregnancy carries little if any risks and with a few tips and planning, can be enjoyable for both couples. After all, sex is what go mom in this ‘situation’ in the fist place, so might as well enjoy some time alone before junior gets here!

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